March 2, 2024

Sweetener made from food waste

Fooditive Sweetener is a 100% natural sweetener made from apples and pears that would otherwise end up in the bin.

Created by Dutch company Fooditive BV, the sweetener comes in powder, liquid and syrup forms, and has zero calories.

As part of its sustainability initiatives, the company aims to only use fruit and vegetable leftovers or third grade produce, have zero production waste and reuse excess waste for soil.

The selected fruits are used as the starting ingredients and are fermented using yeast to create zero calorie sweetener. Once this process is underway, the product is filtered to 99.5% purity from concentrated fermentation potage.

“Sustainability is in our DNA,” says Moayad Abushokhedim, founder of Fooditive BV. “We don’t just consider it a marketing tool. It is our mission to develop food additives that contribute to a healthy body and a healthy environment.”