Full of Gudness

A quest to combine home comforts and healthy convenience inspired Yogita Joshi to create Gudness Foods

Adaptation is key

Airline industry brokers and suppliers are adapting their businesses to meet the changing demands. Jo Austin explores

Sing out

Experts across the sector are calling on the aviation industry to take control of the COVID-19 impact, says Lance Hayward

Safe and sound

Airlines and suppliers worldwide are adapting their onboard thinking to help rebuild traveller confidence. Jo Austin explores how

Social power

Social media offers a mountain of information on what your passenger wants, says April Waterston

Sun, sea and shopping

Roger Williams explores how retail has become cruising’s, third dimension and a key way to increase ancillary revenues

Pulling power

Explore Catering’s Roger Williams looks at the catering trolley, its critical role in onboard service, this vital piece of kit is evolving …

Banish the booze

As consumers become more health-conscious inflight, non-alcoholic beverages are having their moment, says Jessica Pook

Halal trend

Demand for halal meals is on the up and those caterers ready to meet demand are reaping strong benefits. Nik Loukas reports

Planning ahead

A shift towards the pre-ordering of onboard catering could massively impact waste and boost passenger satisfaction

Iconic opportunities

The use of emoji brand icons is the digital phenomenon of the 21st century. Now Skysupply has an exclusive partnership

Charitable endeavours

In our fast paced competitive industry there is still time for those less fortunate than ourselves. Jo Austin gets charitable

Shaping the future

Action on aviation sustainability is gaining momentum among both airlines and suppliers. Julie Baxter finds out more

Tea Trends

Tea is a hospitality staple but that doesn’t mean one blend suits all. Jessica Pook finds out more

Taste without waste

Qatar Airways last month completed the roll out of its new Economy experience – QUISINE Julie Baxter looks behind the processes

War on waste

delegates at the Sustainability Summit got their heads around some hard-hitting eco facts delivered by experts in the field

Positive partners

Airlines need focused and knowledgeable partners to support their sustainability efforts Julie Baxter and Jo Austin find out more

Sustainability in action

It’s time to act, and time to collaborate. Was the conclusion of the first Onboard Hospitality Sustainability Summit Julie Baxter reports

Green routes

Rail has eco credentials it is only just beginning to fully appreciate. Roger Williams dicovers more

Ocean alert

Cruise companies promote the joy of our oceans as part of their appeal. Jo Austin looks at their onboard initiatives

Making a change

In an increasingly eco-aware world, the aviation sector is struggling to generate good PR. Jo Austin discovers more

Latin roots

From distinctive design to fine wine, LATAM’s new cabin concept is all about bringing the destination onboard says Sasha Wood

Wear it well

Many airlines are refreshing their look, what does it take to design a uniform that both looks and feels good? Jessica Pook finds out

Outside comes in

The new Tahitian Dreamliner is a mirror image of its idyllic island home, writes Sasha Wood

Making America Great

As the North American market becomes increasingly competitive, it’s time to tap into foodie trends, says Julie Baxter

Designing lofty ideals

Virgin Atlantic has reinvented its Business cabin with an innovative new loft space, Julie Baxter got a sneak preview

New wave

Retail buying habits are changing, driven by the ways we pay, communicate and interact – Roger Williams discovers how

Grand designs

Aircalin is infusing its fleet with cabin concepts inspired by the tropical islands it calls home. Sasha Wood discovers how

The future of food

Onboard caterers and suppliers are upping their sustainability efforts. Julie Baxter discovers more

Tech gets on track

Rail digitalisation offers huge potential for passenger growth – and supplier opportunities, says Roger Williams

Change makers

Westjet has broken the mould with a design hackathon to reimagine its new cabin style

All aboard

Passengers with special needs, need special attention. Roger Williams investigates whether our industry is doing enough

Indisposable disposables

As sustainability moves up the agenda, disposables are getting a bad press. Are their days numbered for inflight service?

Eco choices

Plastic is suddenly public enemy number one but replacing this material isn’t easy. Laura Gelder breaks down this hot topic

It’s all about me

As personalised nutrition becomes increasingly mainstream, Jo Austin explores the reinvention of Special Meals

The whole package

Suppliers are fast evolving the ‘packaging experience’ for buy-on-board products. Jessica Pook looks beyond the brand

Table manners

Designer ideas for tableware can bring a touch of beauty to onboard dining. Julie Baxter and Laura Gelder check some out

Sustaining sustainability

Momentum is gathering towards greener choices. Julie Baxter checks out ideas and initiatives from onboard suppliers

Happy returns

Richard Williams asks three key tech players for their views on passenger data and ways to turn investment into revenue returns

Suites success

Textile suites have become a thing of beauty in many premium cabins, Julie Baxter goes undercover

Catering change

Catering trends are pushing tech solutions centre stage. Julie Baxter discovers how industry leaders are responding