Making America Great

As the North American market becomes increasingly competitive, it’s time to tap into foodie trends, says Julie Baxter

Designing lofty ideals

Virgin Atlantic has reinvented its Business cabin with an innovative new loft space, Julie Baxter got a sneak preview

New wave

Retail buying habits are changing, driven by the ways we pay, communicate and interact – Roger Williams discovers how

Grand designs

Aircalin is infusing its fleet with cabin concepts inspired by the tropical islands it calls home. Sasha Wood discovers how

Sweet dreams

Roger Williams discovers how the UK’s Caledonian Sleeper is targeting business with a new rail sleeping experience

The last post

George Banks gathered a lifetime’s collection of aviation memorabilia. Here he looks back at the grand tradition of postcards.

Time for bed

Airline seats are designed for sitting but increasingly passengers head onboard looking for beds. Julie Baxter discovers how

Mix It Up

From sustainable cans to elegant boxes, cocktails are finding new ways to cater to the on-the-go market says Jessica Pook

The future of food

Onboard caterers and suppliers are upping their sustainability efforts. Julie Baxter discovers more

Tech gets on track

Rail digitalisation offers huge potential for passenger growth – and supplier opportunities, says Roger Williams

Cheesy does it

Consumer trends and dietary requirements are all driving new offerings onboard, says Jessica Pook

The kids are alright

Airlines that invest in their onboard kids offer boost brand loyalty. Jessica Pook embraces her inner child

Change makers

Westjet has broken the mould with a design hackathon to reimagine its new cabin style

All aboard

Passengers with special needs, need special attention. Roger Williams investigates whether our industry is doing enough

Signature sips

A welcome beverage with signature style can add a story to your service. Julie Baxter takes a sip

Indisposable disposables

As sustainability moves up the agenda, disposables are getting a bad press. Are their days numbered for inflight service?

A longing for long life

Ambient foods with a long shelf-life can help airlines cut waste but do they really have a place in our foodie focused world

Sit back and relax

Airlines keen to ease traveller stress have a wealth of wellbeing products they can offer. Jessica Pook explores your options


Even the world’s favourite indulgence needs a little help to sell itself. Laura Gelder looks at chocolate for onboard retail

Franchise solutions

Catering Explorer’s Roger Williams, the chair of IRCG, discovers how WARS is delivering a service for Polish PKP’s intercity trains

Girl power

Gender is currently a hot topic and every industry has to question its commitment to equality. Laura Gelder takes a look

A taste of Asia

The inaugural Onboard Hospitality Forum – Asia shone a light on the growing demand for Asian food. Jo Austin investigates further


Sales of low and non-alcoholic beer are skyrocketing, writes Andy Hoskins, but will the trend take-off onboard?

Eco choices

Plastic is suddenly public enemy number one but replacing this material isn’t easy. Laura Gelder breaks down this hot topic

It’s all about me

As personalised nutrition becomes increasingly mainstream, Jo Austin explores the reinvention of Special Meals

Shaking it up

Nothing says celebration and special occasion like sparkling wines and Champagnes. Julie Baxter finds out more

The whole package

Suppliers are fast evolving the ‘packaging experience’ for buy-on-board products. Jessica Pook looks beyond the brand

Bag it

George Banks won our 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award. Here he looks back at the premium gift offerings of the past.

Growing safely

Worldwide rail passenger growth is offering huge opportunities for caterers and onboard suppliers. Roger Williams discovers more

Table manners

Designer ideas for tableware can bring a touch of beauty to onboard dining. Julie Baxter and Laura Gelder check some out

Getting personal

Suppliers offering greater onboard personalisation by focusing on passenger types, says Julie Baxter

Sustaining sustainability

Momentum is gathering towards greener choices. Julie Baxter checks out ideas and initiatives from onboard suppliers

Economy catering

What has become of the long haul Economy offer? George Banks questions

Luxe for sale

What if passengers could ‘buy’ into the premium cabin experience? Jessica Pook investigates

Happy returns

Richard Williams asks three key tech players for their views on passenger data and ways to turn investment into revenue returns

Suites success

Textile suites have become a thing of beauty in many premium cabins, Julie Baxter goes undercover

Allergic reaction

1.3 million Brits are gluten-free. Jo Austin discovers why onboard caterers must be allergy aware

Sustainable headsets

With disposable earbuds and recyclable headsets, Jo Austin reports on how sustainability is moving up the agenda

U.S. Brokers

As the onboard hospitality world heads to IFSA, Julie Baxter talks tastes, trends and airline demands

Craft beers

Micro breweries and craft beer specialists are brewing a challenge to multi-nationals Laura Gelder discovers some of the hurdles

Trolleys in action

Julie Baxter explores the challenges and innovations of trolleys, the onboard workhorse whose role is changing fast.

Catering change

Catering trends are pushing tech solutions centre stage. Julie Baxter discovers how industry leaders are responding


The smell of freshly baked bread is known the world over. Marc Warde wonders just why bread isn’t better at 35,000ft