June 24, 2024

SPIRANT turns the spotlight on its #flysafe offer

SPIRIANT is partnering with FUZE-technology to offer new #flysafe amenity kits.

The kits will contains a wide variety of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and give airlines the opportunity to promote their brand and choose from a selection of different design options.

There will be three key options: Essentials, Eco Warriors and Fashionistas.

The Essentials concept includes a MOPP pouch that contains items such as non-woven face masks, a small bottle of hand sanitiser and sanitising wipes. While the Eco Warriors range combines hygiene offers with environmental awareness and a general sense for fashion. It includes a reusable facemask and a pack of sanitising towels stored within a brown and dark green pouch designed to resemble the eco-friendly material.

The customised Fashionista collection will contain a refreshing towel and pack of tissues, and reusable facemask made with 100% cotton fabric in a choice of eye-catching designs reflecting the airline brand identity, and reusable post-flight.