June 20, 2024

Skysupply adds PPE kit options

Amenities specialist skysupply has launched a range of personal protection products in zipped and sustainable pouches.

The PPE portfolio includes different kinds of face masks, nitrile gloves and hand sanitiser. skysupply puts these items together as three different sets packed in a zipped pouch made of sustainable Kraft paper.

The Small Hygiene Kit contains one disposable face mask and three sanitiser wipes and represents the basic hygiene package. The Medium Hygiene Kit includes two disposable masks, 30ml hand sanitiser and one pair of nitrile gloves. The Large Hygiene Kit comes with an additional pack of 10 hand sanitiser wipes. All products are CE approved ensuring that they meet the EU standards. Airlines are able to edit and customise the bag and its content.

At a very early stage of the pandemic, skysupply’s subsidiary company Hostlab began responding to the urgent need for masks in Germany with the help of its parent company’s extensive supply chain capabilities. End consumers can buy through the online shop, which was especially created, but also the German government, hospitals, production companies etc. were supplied direct.