May 29, 2024

Sheer Element launches vitamin-enriched chocolate

Sheer Element has launched Sheer Immune, an organic chocolate bar containing complete daily vitamin supplementation to nourish the ‘mind, body and gut’.

The brand, which has been three years in the making, has reimagined its consumers’ daily vitamin supplement routine by incorporating 22 vitamins, 72 minerals, prebiotics, antioxidants and medicinal mushrooms into a single serving of chocolate.

It claims the ‘expert’ formulation is designed to keep the body and mind functioning at an optimum level, while still maintaining the satisfying treat of traditional chocolate.

Designed for daily consumption, Sheer Immune contains vitamins C, D, A, K2,
magnesium, selenium, zinc, B6, B12 and B9.

The chocolate is raw, refined sugar-free and vegan friendly. The company sources organic cacao beans from Peruvian small-scale farmers.

Founder Matthew Newsome says: “Sheer Element is very much inspired by the ritual food state delivery of therapeutic botanicals and mushrooms I experienced in South America and in South East Asia.

“We are turning what I saw as mindless consumption of pills and capsules into a ritual moment you can actually mindfully enjoy, taking time to connect to wellness and savour the powerful ingredients, all with your eyes closed.

“It’s also the combination of two of my favourite daily wellness routines, supplementing myself with nature’s pharmacopeia and indulging in delicious artisanal chocolate.”