April 15, 2024

O.Vine infused waters tap trends

Wine Water’s portfolio of O.Vine branded wine grape-infused waters are now available in 700ml bottles.

The company has created a line of still and sparkling red and white wine grape-infused waters which are said to be shaping a new “infused water” beverage category. The O.Vine formula is composed of upcycled fruit residue from the traditional winemaking process, and reuses the polyphenol-rich skins and seeds from the remains of wine grape varieties, including Merlot, Syrah, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet.

The start-up has also extended its range to include Chardonnay and Cabernet Essence Waters based on single grape varieties.

Recent reports from Innova Market Insights shows a growing global trend for moderating alcohol consumption and revealed that 1 in 4 consumers has cut down on their alcohol consumption in recent years, in pursuit of healthier lifestyles. These consumers are seeking alcohol-like beverages instead, or those beverages “light” on alcohol content.

“O.Vine has been acutely attuned to an evolving UK consumer who is increasingly more health aware and sophisticated, thus choosing to reduce alcohol intake, yet not wanting to give up the social benefits of mingling at a favourite night spot,” said Anat Levi, ceo and founder of Wine Water.

The line of O.Vine infused water beverages are clean-label, contain no preservatives, no added colours, and no sulphites.