May 22, 2024

EcoTensil launches plastic-free single-use cutlery

Global pioneer in sustainable paperboard utensils, EcoTensil has announced the European launch of its plastic-free, single-use cutlery for food packaging.

The range of folding multi-functional paper utensils was developed to replace small plastic spoons and sporks found in pot lids, trays, and other grab-and-go packaging, with a more environmentally-friendly option.

Founded 10 years ago, EcoTensil has already provided hundreds of millions of the plastic cutlery. The EcoSpoon is formed with one simple “bend to touch dots” fold, easy enough for a young child to do, and is designed specifically for single-serve packaging, foodservice and sampling applications.

All EcoTensil products are made from materials sourced from well-managed FSC®-certified forests* and use 50-80% less material than plastic, bio-plastic or wood cutlery.

There is an EcoTensil utensil to fit just about any size package and application process. The pre-folded TabLock EcoSpoon4 (49mm folded length, 89mm unfolded) is locked shut and comes packed stacked in tidy rows for easy placement on the assembly line.

EcoTensil offers an unfolded, 82mm utensil and a 95mm size, both of which may be ordered hygienically flow-wrapped or loose pack. The 95mm also can be ordered folded to a 48mm length and wrapped for small spaces.

EcoTensil functions effectively as a spoon, spork and spreader for most foods that are scoopable or easy to cut, such as cake, desserts, yoghurts, deli salads, flans and quiches, hot or cold grain and legume dishes, porridge, soups, stews, gazpacho etc. For gelato and other frozen desserts, EcoTensil offers the extra sturdy iScoop, designed specifically for ice cream type products.

The range is available to order now across Europe through