July 25, 2024

Canvino canned wine gets a new look for summer

Canvino, formally known as Cansecco, is the new-look, all-natural, vegan-friendly, 100% recyclable canned wine.

Canvino is aiming to set itself apart from competitors with strong provenance credentials and millennial-friendly pastel packaging.

Newly launched for summer 2021, Canvino is available in two naturally sparkling flavours: Bianco and Rosé.

Bianco is a lightly sparkling, crisp and dry white wine. Although dry or ‘Secco’ in style, it claims it is fruity and fresh with light floral notes.

Rosé is a medium-dry, lightly sparkling wine with well-balanced fruit notes. The pale blush colour is indicative of Northern Italian wines.

Located in the Italian region of Lombardy, Canvino grapes are sourced from a family-owned vineyard that has been making wine for a century using the traditional Charmat method.

It claims that no artificial CO2 is added during the filling of Canvino, which is why its ‘naturally sparkling’ wines are as close as possible to the bottle equivalent and, therefore, just as the winemakers intended.

Marc Laventure, co-founder at Canvino, said: “There’s no doubt that this summer is all about canned wines – and Canvino offers the most stylish experience of sparkling wine outside of Lake Como. Perfectly packaged for the millennial market and featuring real Italian grapes for a top tier flavour, there’s no need to book flights this summer to get a taste of Italy.”