July 25, 2024

TGV INOUI and Moment renew their digital services partnership

TGV INOUI and Moment have renewed their partnership and agreed to expand the digital services onboard the French company’s rail services.

TGV INOUI manages most of the high-speed rail traffic for SNCF Voyageurs. It has a fleet of approximately 360 trains and recorded a 4% increase in passengers in 2023, reaching a record 122 million. It is committed to enhancing the passenger experience in collaboration with innovative partners such as Moment.

The partnership between TGV INOUI and Moment began in 2021. Moment provided a tailored press catalogue, integrated into the existing TGV INOUI portal. Throughout their initial collaboration, Moment supported TGV INOUI in expanding its entertainment offering, incorporating video, audio and games.

As part of the contract renewal, SNCF Voyageurs has once again entrusted Moment to enhance the digital experience onboard TGV INOUI trains. That includes redesigning of the content platform to improve accessibility and passenger engagement.

The new collaboration entails a broader content catalogue and the redesign of the entertainment platform to meet the railway company’s objectives of improving the onboard experience for both Business Première and leisure travellers. This initiative will double the number of available titles and conserve bandwidth by delivering locally hosted content.

Moment manages the monthly updating of titles with an editorial line aligned with current events. This will include content tailored for the period of the Olympic Games and TGV INOUI’s flagship destinations.

The catalogue will contain up to 500 titles for Business Première customers and around 300 for leisure customers. This encompasses films, series, newspapers, magazines, podcasts, games, manga and a dedicated kids’ section.

Stephane Rapebach, Marketing and Sales Director of TGV INOUI, said: “We have established a relationship of trust with Moment since 2021 and we are delighted to extend our collaboration. Moment’s ability to provide a diverse and personalised content catalogue, combined with editorialisation aligned with important events, has once again convinced us.”

Tanguy Morel, CEO and Co-Founder of Moment, commented: “Renewing our partnership with TGV INOUI is a testament to the success of our shared vision for enhancing the travel experience. We take pride in our ongoing contribution to enhancing the onboard experience.”

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