July 14, 2024

Sonovia offers sustainable mask technology

Sonovia is launching its zinc-infused masks in the UK. The global MedTech business claims its masks are over 90% effective against Covid-19, and EU-certified labs have found that it kills 99.9999% of viruses.

The patented technology uses Zinc Oxide nanoparticles infused into the fabric to deliver a face covering option that it says is ‘sustainable and technologically superior to anything else on the market’.

To date, the masks have only been available internationally but GlobalNPD, the B2B distributor for Sonovia’s products in the UK, has identified a gap in the UK market to introduce ‘a product at a competitive price point to be at the forefront of the B2B and self-employed markets due to its pioneering technology and sustainability credentials as well as personalisation capabilities’.

Sonovia’s masks are currently worn by the European Premier League 4th officials in Europe, amongst other high-profile individuals.

Dr Jeevan Boyal, a director of GlobalNPD, comments “We’re proud to launch Sonovia’s masks into the UK market via GlobalNPD and hope that the products help businesses and consumers alike in adjusting to the new normal. We have seen numerous reports on the environmental impact of non-reusable masks, and if we continue ignoring it for much longer the impact will go beyond what can be repaired.

“Sonovia’s revolutionary technology took over seven years to develop because we were not willing to compromise on functionality or sustainability whilst keeping in mind our competitive price point and appeal to the B2B audience. Ultimately, our mission is to bring frontier products led by superior technology to global audiences, and our roll out in the UK is the next piece of our puzzle”.