June 24, 2024

Plant-based chocolate bars from Prodigy

Prodigy claims its goal is to reinvent ‘classic’ chocolate bars in a healthier, sustainable, plant-based way.

Within its six-strong plant-based chocolate bar range are Chunky Chocolate, Chunky Orange Chocolate, Peanut & Caramel Cahoots (which it claims is comparable to a Snickers bar), and the Coconut Cahoots bar (akin to a Bounty bar).

Its latest additions are 60% Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt and a Roasted Hazelnut Chocolate bar.

All Prodigy bars use natural ingredients and aim to be healthier and more sustainable than mainstream chocolate bars, featuring less than half the sugar of their mainstream alternatives and a plastic-free wrapper. They are vegan and contain no dairy, gluten, palm oil or refined sugars.