June 25, 2024

More headlines from Hamburg

And still the news keeps coming. We’re ploughing through our notebooks to share news and views gathered at WTCE. Check these out…

Foodcase marks the decade

Foodcase turned its focus onto its multi-disciplinary team and one-stop offer covering a range of inflight culinary services, as it marked its 10th anniversary.

Featuring, among other things, the special meal range from Libero Free-From Kitchen, the Dutch company positioned itself as an ‘innovation funnel’ bringing together the latest in catering technology, packaging and food science.

On the hot topic of sustainability, Foodcase has been working with airlines to better understand their needs and concerns and is working on a number of developments to support change. 

It has increased pallet volume efficiency from 75.3% to 90.1% to improve the pallet footprint of its ambient meals and is looking at the recyclability and degradation of its ovenable films and revised packaging for its popular tapas range.

To support awareness of the Libero free-from meal range, the team gave out tee-shirts emblazoned with positive messaging around the need for full recognition and respect for those with specific dietary requirements around allergies as well as lifestyle, especially those which can be life-threatening and health-damaging.


Thoughtful choices from Snack Box to-go

SnackBox to-go is ramping up its support to airlines and caterers across Europe to help overcome bottlenecks being experienced in traditional supply chains.

As logistics and warehousing issues impact product delivery, Snackbox to-go aims to be the hero of the hour for many thanks to its warehouses across Europe offering the opportunity to get product into position quickly. The team has developed its own branded packaging for its ‘always stocked’ product range and prides itself on quick delivery at a time when many products are log jammed in the global transport system.

The company’s snack box options were a quick and easy solution during the pandemic when full catering was not possible, and airlines continue to take these, with the flexibility to pick and mix the snack items within.

New for 2022 is an ovenable hot dog encased in pastry, a syrup waffle now in ovenable film so it can be served hot, and a cinnamon bun now in ovenable film for warming – to fill the cabin with that fresh-baked smell. A new nut partnership with Sunshine Nut Company in Mozambique gives airlines the chance to offer a premium seasoned nut range for which 90% of the profits go to local community projects. The nuts in four flavours come in 30g and 15g packs.

A new line of vegan potato snacks was launched during WTCE including a potato rosti stick, rosti bites and potato donuts.


Cecily’s non-diary eco mission

Cecily’s Cornish ice cream is ticking boxes for those with non-diary dietary requirements but it is also championing a sustainability message.  

Eating plant-based products is said to be the single biggest way we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions. The ice cream, available in seven flavours, is made using coconut milk from coconuts ethically sourced from Sri Lanka, transported by sea.

The company has also recently changed the inner coating of its tubs from polyethylene to plastic-free sugar cane alternative, which adheres to organic standards and is compostable and 100% biodegradable and 100% paper recyclable.


2Wine can

Amsterdam-based 2Wine is offering premium wines from France and Italy in 100% recyclable cans.

Working with Ardagh Metal Packaging’s specialist Wine Can packaging, the

cans are positioned as light-weight, unbreakable and recyclable and the sustainable choice for wine service on the go.

Comprising a Sauvignon Blanc, a Merlot-Cabernet rosé, and an Italian sparkling wine, 2Wine’s new trio of 250ml slim cans are designed to be ‘gorgeously photogenic’ so as to encourage sharing on social media too.

Wim Lochtenberg, founder and CEO of 2Wine, said: “Though 2Wine appeals to all generations, we see younger wine drinkers actively looking for ways to have fun while not neglecting the planet. Our ambition for 2Wine is to offer a tasty, stylish and sleek product that’s also sustainable, so friends can simply grab a can to drink or to share anywhere, any time, and feel good about showing off their choice.”


Packaged on ice

Thermoproof packaging specialist Isovation, showcased new thermoproof packaging that has been specifically developed for the transport of frozen goods in ATLAS equipment.

Used with dry ice the packaging keeps frozen products frozen for up to 15 hours, so ideal for long haul flights.

ISOVATION is a specialist in isothermal solutions and the cold chain and designed the first collapsible insulated packaging sold on the French market.

The company develops high-performance systems for the cold chain in partnership with the largest pharmaceutical, biotechnology, hospital, food, transport and logistics groups.


Spritz up your service

Spirito Cocktails showcased a high quality ready to drink single-portion cocktail range including the new on-trend Tropical Spritz.

The Tropical Spritz brings the Italian summer vibe on board with just three ingredients: apespritz, white rum and passion fruit. Server or passenger simply shakes the bag, tears off the corner triangle and pours into a glass full of ice.

Spirito Cocktails is an Italian brand offering pre-mixed handcrafted cocktail created after much research into spirits, artisan liqueurs, spices, herbs and natural flavours.

The cocktails come in single-portion bags, mixed in Italy and ready to drink, and also includes a Moscow Mule, Negroni, Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Daiquiri and Gin Sensation.


Getting Craftis with kids

Kids’ kits specialist Craftis is evolving its range of kids toys and games to better reflect sustainability demands.

Already well established in the retail and hospitality sectors where companies like MacDonalds have moved away from plastic toy give-aways, the company turned the spotlight onto traditional table/card games, masks, colouring and puzzle packs, and reports growing demand for recyclable and paper-based kits.

Craftis is a FSC® certified business and offers products that are responsibly sourced and fully recyclable.  Its clients include restaurant chains such as Harvester and Wagamama; hotel groups including Hilton, Holiday Inn and CenterParcs; ferry line DFDS; John Lewis and Haven Holidays.


Skytender thinks green

Skytender turned the spotlight on the environmental benefits of its beverage trolley following results from a scientific study by a leading Life Cycle Assessment expert.

The study by UNESCO Chair in Life Cycle and Climate Change aimed to provide reliable comparative figures on beverage service models for the first time.

Conducted over a year the study showed mobile beverage systems could cut the carbon footprint of an airline drinks service by at least 50%. The key saving is in terms of reduced packaging but also comes from the systems consumption analytics data that allows airlines to optimize the supply chain and provide detailed insights on demand patterns.

Dr. Alba Bala from the UNESCO-funded group reported airlines can save at least 2.2kg CO2 per cup of beverage served by using the beverage trolley system. This is calculated to result in a reduction of 50-80% CO2 emission.

The study included assessment of all elements of the beverage service from  end to end including creating delivery infrastructure, the supply chains, end of life, incineration and disposal factors.

The Skytender range includes the SkyBar Splash for fresh and sparkling drinks from leading brands and the SkyBarista One coffee system.


FORMIA in celebratory mood

FORMIA was in celebratory mood at WTCE as the team celebrated the 20 anniversary of the business development and looked ahead to a fast-evolving aviation future.

The brand has established a strong reputation for its amenity kits, cosmetics, comfort items and brand partnerships and now serves more than 50 airline customers and 130 brands.

It’s stand at this year’s expo also included a focus on sustainability with a dedicated Sustainability Lounge where airline buyers were able to receive detailed insights into the eco credentials of a range of products and build their own eco amenity kits, mixing and matching a range of sustainable concepts.

The lounge was in high demand as airlines work to reinvent their kits with true environmental understanding and assessment. It’s insights recognise the fact that clients and passengers are no longer only interested in comfort and wellbeing in the air but also consider health, safety, functionality, reusability and sustainability in the decision making process. 

FORMIA is committed to becoming a net zero carbon company by 2030. Its key sustainability brand partner is REBEL.



Ergonomics and clever design were at the heart of Egineerethic’s service products for crew on display at Hamburg.

The Italian company was on-hand to showcase its range of trolleys, galley inserts, service equipment and comfort products.

Innovations included a space-saving trolley that folds down to just a few inches wide when not in use, and a removable beverage service shelf to make pouring drinks in the aisle a breeze.

It also highlighted its waste and recycling trolleys, designed to help with the separation of recyclable materials.