April 15, 2024

Matrix pioneers new fabric technology

Matrix has launched a range of Infra Active pyjamas embedded with infrared-emitting ceramics to support wellbeing inflight.

The ceramics, embedded within the fibres, capture the energy of the wearer’s body and reflect it back into them to aid with recovery, boost circulation and dissipate any muscle ache.

The technology is said to support restful and efficient sleep, improve the oxygen in blood-flow, dissipate toxins, reduce swelling, help manage jet lag intensity and enhance faster biological recovery.

A spokesman for the company says: “Far infrared are invisible rays of light that have the ability to enter the skin and stimulate blood flow. The skin naturally radiates heat every day but it’s often wasted. Infra Active pyjamas absorb and re-emit this heat energy, recycling it back into your body helping reduce the effects of travel”

Matrix has been at the forefront of bringing technologically innovative fabrics to the airline industry and successfully introduced Hydra Active, the world’s first self-moisturising pyjamas.