April 15, 2024

Japan Airlines to offer rice flour noodle menu

Japan Airlines (JAL) flights from London to Japan will now offer an exclusive menu using Japanese rice flour noodles under the direction of the Head-Chef Owner of acclaimed London restaurant Roketsu, Daisuke Hayashi.

The new menu offered on all JAL’s flights from Europe to Japan in First and Business will include Japanese rice flour noodles, which offer a different texture and taste to wheat flour noodles.

The menu is a first-of-its-kind collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) and the Japan Rice and Rice Industry Export Promotion Association (JRE) – a certified export promotion organisation for agricultural, forestry and fisheries products and food products, to expand exports of rice flour products.

“Rice flour noodles have a very different taste and texture to wheat flour noodles,” said Hayashi, who has overseen the creation of the menu. “They are also gluten-free making the meals more accessible to a wider range of passengers onboard.”

JAL hopes that the gluten-free menu using rice flour noodles with 100% Japanese rice and made in Japan will appeal to a larger variety of guests and lead to further expansion of rice flour demand and exports for Japanese specialities.

Hayashi was recently awarded the Minister’s Award for Overseas Promotion of Japanese Food from The Government of Japan. The award is one of the most highly regarded for people promoting Japanese culture overseas.