July 21, 2024

Novel Tex Mex Cheese Mini Tortilla Chips

Novel Foods has announced a new product, Indulge Tex Mex Cheese Mini Tortilla Chips.

Consumers can embrace guilt-free snacking with the Mini Tortilla Chips, made from wholesome ingredients and free from major allergens, preservatives and additives.

The snacks are designed to appeal to people of all ages, pleasuring indulgence with a playful and attractive design. That target market spans spirited youngsters and health-conscious adults.

To enhance the experience, passengers can pair the chips with Novel Foods’ Primadeli Mild Salsa for an additional touch of tangy delight. 

“Novel Foods prioritises the well-being of its customers and the environment, providing vegan-friendly, low-salt treats that align with their values. Carefully crafted, these miniature corn snacks offer a burst of delicious flavour in every bite,” commented Kamran Moslehi, Operation Director at Novel Foods Limited.

Novel Foods has recently expanded its global presence and has offices in Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.