May 30, 2024

Iberia adds the art of seasoning onboard

Iberia is rolling out its new inflight experience with the focus on: digitalisation, customisation and sustainability, and with some neat touches drawn from Spanish culture.

The long-haul Business service to the U.S has been the first to see the new vision onboard, with the revamped service now designed to offer a premium restaurant-style service with a warm welcome, a starter and choice of main and desserts. A mattress pad, pillow and blanket has also been added to the seat set up.

New menus are based on Spanish cuisine, reflecting the gastronomy of the home base and featuring the local Mediterranean diet built around fresh, local and seasonal products, and Spanish wines.

Catching attention in the new tray set are the ‘little meninas’ salt and pepper shakers – part of initiatives to represent Iberia’s pride in being Spanish.

Diego Velazquez’s original sculpture  “Las Meninas” (the young girl) sits in the heart of the Prado Museum in Madrid, attracting millions of visitors every year.  Iberia worked with Kaelis on this collaboration to pay homage to Velazquez’s masterpiece in salt and pepper set form!

The two-piece set is crafted in earthy colours and is designed to be stylish, light and radiate emotion, and to elevate the dining experience.

In Economy the dessert offer has expanded and a Buy on Board option has been added for food and beverage, alongside the complementary offer. A new DeliverFly service now allows customers to purchase high-quality fresh products before boarding that the crew will serve inflight.

Next in the roll out will be the Digital Concierge service which will ultimately allow passengers to customise their entire journey – not just for the food and beverage. It includes an upgrade to the wifi connection, the entertainment, the duty-free and, in future, further services will be added to it for use inflight.

Paula Lafora, Head of Customer Experience, Design and Delivery at Iberia, said: “As with virtually all businesses during the pandemic our inflight services have had to be revamped. We’ve improved our former technology and now payments with cards can be made simply and easily on all flights. We want our customers to feel that ‘coming home’ feeling when they board our aircraft and are working hard to make the flight experience increasingly customised so they only need worry about enjoying their flight to the fullest.