July 14, 2024

Flavoured waters from sustainable brand JUST

JUST Water has launched a range of infused flavours in lime, lemon and tangerine.

Founded in 2015 and following the vision of rap artist, singer and actor Jaden Smith, for a world with less plastic, Just Water claims to be the most sustainably packaged, responsibly sourced, 100% naturally alkaline still spring water on the market today.

JUST’s new infused range adds a subtle dash of fruit made from 100% fruit extracts – as if there was a slice of lime, lemon, or tangerine in the carton. The new range contains zero sugar, zero calories, and zero artificial ingredients.

Like all JUST products, the 500ml cartons are made mostly from paper (82% from renewable resources) and the caps made from recyclable sugarcane.

Said Steve Gibbons, md of JUST Europe: “The product caters for consumers who want a subtle flavour without sugar, artificial flavours or calories. Our carton has performed the best in carbon footprint terms versus the main water category packages in Life Cycle analysis, whether it is aluminium cans, PET or glass bottles.”