June 19, 2024

Boxed water brand goes further

British brand, Water in a Box is enhancing the sustainability of its cartons with reformulated packaging certified by the Forest Stewardship Council and 100% recyclable.

Its 500ml SIG cartons are now produced from 90% plant-based materials and its 330ml Tetra Pak cartons are made from 80% plant-based materials.

The brand now distributes 50,000 cartons of water each week across the UK

and aims to be a climate-friendly alternative to water in cans, plastic or glass bottles.

Water in a Box is sourced entirely from British spring water in the Mendip Hills of Somerset, specifically the Blue Mountain Spring which is considered to be in an area of natural beauty. The spring flows directly into the packing site meaning less carbon emissions and a more eco-friendly packaging process. The cartons have been strategically designed to ensure a low carbon footprint. They are streamlined and lightweight to give them a low carbon footprint at least one third that of PET plastic.

The cartons are available in two sizes 330ml and 500ml. There are also three fruity flavours available in the 330ml size, strawberry, lemon and lime and peach and orange.