April 14, 2024

ACC Columbia chooses Moment

ACC Columbia has partnered with Moment to provide Flymingo Jet as an in-flight entertainment option to its customers. The collaboration expands ACC Columbia’s range of services, enabling it to offer an autonomous, portable in-flight entertainment system that is capable of providing a unique experience.

ACC Columbia is an aircraft repair and maintenance organisation for small, medium and large private aviation. It has maintenance facilities at five locations, including at Hanover and Cologne/Bonn airports. Its expertise covers maintenance, management, interior outfitting and on-board services. The company is continually seeking to expand its range of services.

To keep pace with aviation market trends and meet customer expectations, ACC Columbia has chosen Flymingo Jet, Moment’s solution, for its inflight entertainment offering.

Moment is a provider of entertainment, e-commerce and connectivity services for the travel industry. Its solutions are deployed globally across transport and hospitality companies leveraging technology to elevate customer and crew experience. The company’s products reach 120 million passengers a year on aircraft, trains and ships.

Battery-powered, the Flymingo Jet solution doesn’t require heavy installation or STC certification. Its portability, flexibility and affordability make it an ideal choice for operators with a wide range of aircraft. It offers a vast catalogue of entertainment content, including films, television series, magazines and music, all of which are adaptable to the aircraft owner’s preferences and language.

Flymingo Jet from Moment.
Flymingo Jet from Moment.

Flymingo Jet’s premium design and ease of use fit the expectations of ACC Columbia customers, who can easily access the platform from their personal electronic devices.

The solution is already deployed in a Skyside Global 6000 aircraft.

“We’re constantly seeking new features and innovations to enhance our business, and Moment’s solution instantly resonated with us,” said Rene Feder, Avionics Manager of ACC Columbia. “The platform’s premium design, aligned with our customers’ expectations, was truly convincing. The solution has already been implemented in a Global 6000 customer, MSN: 9606, and we look forward to providing it to other customers.”

“We are proud to support ACC Columbia services strategy with our Flymingo Jet solution,” commented Tanguy Morel, CEO and co-founder of Moment. “Our solution stands out for its effortless installation, eliminating the need for STC, its contemporary interface maximizing content use, and its cutting-edge functionality.”