June 24, 2024

A taste of Italy from Novel Foods

Novel Food’s Primadeli range offers baked snacks celebrating Italian flavours, made from premium ingredients and using classic recipes.

Two variations of baked crostini – Pizzeria Bites and Olive Bites – are available in snack bags and as part of a deli box with ambient dips.

Based on authentic crostini from Southern Italy, the Pizzeria Bites are garnished with Neapolitan spices. The Olive Bites are baked with black olive and oregano.

The crostini are purposely baked to deliver maximum crisp and crunch with every bite.

The overall Primadeli brand style aspires to have an artisan feel and celebrates the products’ authentic ingredients and flavours.

The deli boxes offer a distinctive combination of dips and crackers presented in attractively designed boxes. The Pizzeria Bites are paired with smooth cream cheese, and the Olive Bites are coupled with spicy tomato salsa.

As Italians say…”Assolutamente fantastico!”