March 29, 2023

A new way to serve soup onboard

An innovative new soup and stew service solution for inflight has been brought to the market by D&F Marketing.

The company has developed a new single-serve soup and stew product, allowing fresh soup to be heated on demand throughout the flight – instead of being served from a pre-heated thermos.

Benefits of this include piping-hot soup and stew on demand, multiple flavours can be loaded, and soup can be served with filling (something that cannot be done with a thermos flask).

“Passenger nowadays feel the need to eat something healthy and hot but light – especially while sitting on an aircraft for a longer time,” says Klaus Englisch von Stelzer, MD at D&F Marketing GmBH, Germany. “This concept is ideal for this demand.”

With this new flexibility, soup or stew can be served as an appetizer or snack at anytime throughout the flight, with additional opportunities as a Buy on Board concept.

D&F Marketing has also pioneered a new Hot Soup and Sandwich Concept. It features a sustainable half site tray, which holds the soup cup, the sandwich and sweet as well as a pre-packed bamboo cutlery set with paper napkin made from recycled paper.