April 15, 2024

Crew version of The Barista Cup introduced

A new version of The Barista Cup was introduced at AmberSky 2024 in Riga, Latvia. Designed for use by pilots and crew, the metal cup facilitates the making and consumption of fresh coffee wherever airline employees are in the world.

The product was unveiled at AmberSky 2024, an event for onboard retail and ancillary revenue solutions, where representatives of the company that makes the drinking vessel met with delegates from airlines.

Representatives of The Barista Cup at AmberSky 2024.
Representatives of The Barista Cup at AmberSky 2024.

A version of The Barista Cup is already available for retail on several airlines, including Air Baltic, the low-cost carrier that transported many of the delegates to Riga to attend AmberSky 2024.

Made from sustainably sourced paper, The Barista Cup sold to passengers has a polylactic acid (PLA) lid made from corn starch – a renewable resource. The design means that around 50% less ground coffee is used, compared to conventional brewing methods, and grinds are captured via a hole at the bottom of the cup. It was a finalist in the 2023 Onboard Hospitality Awards.

The metal version of the cup, launched at the show, is also designed to be a sustainable product and mirrors some of the design elements that people will be familiar with from the retail version.