June 18, 2024

Spafax creates new Lufthansa safety video

The German flag carrier Lufthansa has unveiled an innovative new safety video. The video celebrates the joy of travel and the diversity of Lufthansa passengers while sharing critical safety information in a unique and engaging way.  

Starting on May 1, the new safety video was made available on long-haul flights on Lufthansa aircraft with an Allegris cabin. It will be rolled out across all Lufthansa aircraft with seatback entertainment screens, with variations tailored to aircraft types. 

“After the personal welcome by the flight attendants, the safety video is another very important point of contact with our customers. In the future, we not only want to convey and demonstrate safety-related information, but also our brand values: As Lufthansa, we focus on people and care about their individual needs,” said Carsten Hoffmann, Vice President Marketing and Brand Experience Lufthansa Airlines.

“Consequently, this video is more than just transferring safety information, it is also about reconnecting with each other and the world, while speaking to a wide range of passengers in an engaging and informative way. We can’t wait to see passengers’ reactions,” continued Hoffmann.

New Lufthansa safety video

The concept and production were created by Spafax Studio’s creative team. Spafax and Lufthansa collaborated on the development of the film, across creative, branding, production and safety.  

“We were thrilled to be chosen by Lufthansa as the creative partner for this exciting project, which has been such a fun, fulfilling collaboration across so many departments,” said Jonathan Gilbert, Creative Director and Head of Spafax Studio. 

The video unfolds like a short film and underscores the transformative power of travel by weaving the requisite safety information into a compelling story across the passenger experience.

Through a series of seamless vignettes, it features a global journey starting and ending in Munich, Germany, showcasing travellers’ adventures along the way: riding a cable car to Mount Fuji, skateboarding in Cape Town, watching a kite festival in India and enjoying a cosy diner in New York City.  

A core objective in the film’s design was to create a sense of home in each destination, conveying the powerful message that when you travel with Lufthansa, you feel at home wherever you are. The film also celebrates the individuality of Lufthansa’s passengers as everyone travels with their own motivations, passions and interests.

The safety video and creative effort behind it reflects the skilful and innovative use of technologies involved in virtual production, which allowed the Spafax team to recreate the sensation of travelling around the world from within a studio. Through a combination of practical shoot, CGI and virtual production, a captivating journey of discovery was brought to life while delivering the unique visual style of the film. 

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