July 25, 2024

Soisa Aircraft Interiors reveals new initiatives at AIX

Soisa Aircraft Interiors, the Mexico-based specialist in aircraft cabin interiors, announced the launch of an organic armrest during the 2024 Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Hamburg, Germany. 

Made of a base of corn particles, the armrest represents a significant milestone in Soisa’s dedication to sustainability and innovation within the aerospace industry. 

In 2023, Soisa produced approximately 5,200 armrests for various airlines, utilising around 2,000 square feet of polyethylene foam, which resulted in nearly 2,600 kg of CO2 emissions annually. By transitioning to a biodegradable material derived from corn waste, an eco-friendly, non-food resource, Soisa will significantly reduce its carbon footprint.

Organic armrests for aircraft

The corn-based material may also offer significant potential cost benefits, enabling Soisa to produce specialised moulds for each part number and thermoform the corn, streamlining their manufacturing processes. This advance promises further cost savings and efficiency improvements, benefiting both customers and the environment.

The initiative follows on from the success of Soisa’s From Waste to Wonder programme, which creatively repurposed materials that were otherwise destined for the landfill into functional items like wallets, bags and pouches for the local community. 

Jacobo Mesta, Sales and Growth Strategy at Soisa, said: “As the aerospace industry intensifies its focus on sustainability practices, airlines worldwide are increasingly striving to minimise their environmental footprint. Soisa is at the forefront of this movement, pioneering engineering in aerospace by thinking outside the box and exploring alternatives which promote a sustainable future.” 

“This innovative design not only highlights our commitment to environmental responsibility but also ensures that our products retain their aesthetic appeal, comfort, and high quality,” he continued.

The organic armrest marks SOISA’s initial venture into exploring biodegradable materials. The company poised to integrate sustainability across their entire product line and align with the global Net Zero 2050 initiative. The armrest is soon to undergo testing and certification.

Soisa specialises in cabin upholstery, offering dress covers, cushions, armrests, curtains, carpets, insulation panels, acoustic panels and VIP Seats. Its clientele includes United Airlines, Emirates, FlyDubai, Etihad, Royal Brunei and Singapore Airlines.

Buyer-furnished equipment development

The company also revealed its new buyer-furnished equipment (BFE) dress cover management service at AIX.

Soisa is enhancing efficiency and precision in the supply chain through this new offering.

Traditionally, acquiring new aircraft involves complex logistics, particularly for components like dress covers. However, Soisa’s strategy streamlines these processes, reducing lead times for new deliveries and aftermarket phases while supporting intermediary management and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). 

Soisa’s new service offers benefits for seat OEMs by aligning with aircraft delivery schedules, enhancing control over procurement and manufacturing, helping to ensure on-time delivery.

This advancement in aviation procurement offers a streamlined solution which promises cost savings, lead time reduction and operational efficiency for both seat OEMs and airlines. 

“Our new BFE dress cover management service exemplifies our dedication to efficiency, innovation, and customer satisfaction, enabling our clients across the globe to accelerate their products to market,” said Mesta.

Coordinating with OEMs

Soisa coordinates with airlines to receive BFE materials precisely when needed, relieving both airlines and OEMs of capital costs, administrative burdens and supply chain complexities. This allows seat OEMs to focus on their core business. 

Airlines will also benefit from direct procurement, achieving immediate cost savings and reduced lead times, while consistent part numbers throughout the aircraft’s lifecycle eliminating re-engineering and certification costs. Soisa ensures prompt deliveries, rapid responses to aircraft on the ground (AOG) situations, and efficient inventory management, reducing administrative burdens for airlines and OEMs.

Additionally, this new process reflects Soisa’s commitment to environmental responsibility and its expanding Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) programme. Direct procurement of materials from Soisa and reduced transit times help lower carbon emissions and the environmental impact associated with traditional procurement methods.