April 15, 2024

Snackbox-To-Go moves to new head office

Snackbox-To-Go has re-located to a new head office at Argon 45a, Oud-Gastel in the Netherlands.

The onboard snack manufacturer’s former head office was based in Roosendaal.

Features include a special presentation area to share ideas, brainstorm and discuss new product development. There is also a development kitchen, including a working airline oven for testing onboard snacks.

The new logistics centre will allow the handling of daily shipments throughout Europe, as well as the ability to assemble and ship shipping containers all over the world.

Snackbox-To-Go said: “We proudly share the news that Snackbox-To-Go has moved to our new building in Argon 45a, Oud-Gastel. Our growth and commitment to service and quality have led us to a state-of-the-art logistics center, which provides an inspiring environment for both our customers and our team.”