July 14, 2024

Pure Piraña launches onboard

Pure Piraña, Heineken’s global hard seltzer brand, is preparing to expand into the inflight market. This follows the domestic market launches in Mexico and New Zealand, and the gradual roll out in several European countries including UK, Ireland, Portugal and Austria.

Pure Piraña is a hard seltzer with 4.5% alcohol and natural flavourings. It aims to be well-suited for the modern generation of consumers who are increasingly conscious of their consumption habits and lifestyle choices.

Niek Vonk, commercial manager global duty free, Heineken, said: “Following the successful launch of Pure Piraña in domestic markets over the last year, we are now excited to be introducing the brand to our airline customers. Pure Piraña is a refreshing and tasteful sparkling water with alcohol, with 92 calories per 330ml. The hard seltzer category is growing and Heineken has big ambitions for Pure Piraña as part of our ‘beyond beer’ diversification strategy that caters to different consumer needs and drinking occasions. We are confident that this presents a growth opportunity for our airline customers.”

The drink will be available in two refreshing flavours: Lemon Lime and Red Berries.

Pure Piraña is vegan friendly and gluten free, with no added sugar or sweeteners.