April 15, 2024

Lufthansa Group partners with SKYdeals

Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines are testing a new shopping experience offering on their medium and short-haul routes based on the SKYdeals platform.

Available only during the flight, SKYdeals offers real-time, exclusive, and personalised deals on over 1,000 products and services, delivered at home.

Passengers can access SKYdeals for free by connecting to the the FlyNet portal. After browsing the product and service selection, passengers check-out and pay online. The order is then fulfilled by the partner brands and service providers.

“We are particularly proud of this partnership with Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines,” said Julien Sivan, CEO and co-founder of SKYdeals.

“SKYdeals not only offers a new way to buy and sell products onboard but also a real and exciting new inflight entertainment experience. This is a concrete proof of Lufthansa Groups’s interest in innovative projects related to passengers’ experience.”

SKYdeals operates partnerships with over 80 brands from small arty designers to internationally renowned brands. By leveraging inflight WiFi it offers an innovative and exciting inflight shopping experience, featuring flash sales and fly-over sales (additional time-bounced discounts based on the country overflown by the plane).

Passengers use their own device, pay on their mobile phone and will be home delivered for a contact free experience, compliant with post-Covid recommendations.