May 30, 2024

Live cooking with LSG

LSG Group will stage a Live Cooking Event on Thursday (from 11am) built around the culinary theme: “Cooking for People and Prosperity”.

Guest chefs on stage will be the three-star Michelin chef Thomas Bühner from Osnabrück, Germany; Fatmata Binta from Freetown, Sierra Leone (now living and running a restaurant in Accra, Ghana), and Monica Pope from Houston, Texas, USA.Bühner will be preparing a fine dining main course with venison to show that meat does not have to be produced with factory farming.

Fatmata considers herself to be a modern nomadic chef and ambassador of the Fulani culture, so she will use a traditional millet in her dish. It is called fonio, sustainable, seasonable and naturally available in Africa.

Monica follows the credo: “Eat where your food lives”, so she also prefers local ingredients.A LSG Group chef will also be on stage cooking a celeriac millefeuille following the trend “Root to Leaf”, that is using all parts of an ingredient.

Erdmann Rauer, CEO of the LSG Group, says: “We are looking ahead with strength and confidence as the ‘new LSG Group,’ and are pleased to present ourselves to our customers at WTCE as a reliable, future-proof partner that understands their challenges and approaches them individually in collaboration with them.”