June 19, 2024

IG launches expanded range of eco products

Hospitality supplier The IG Group has established a dedicated brand for environmentally friendly products following the success of its initial range of green goods.

Green Planet Catering Products will offer an expanded range of the most eco-friendly items available, with a catalogue updated every six months.

The company has also enlisted the help of expert John Reeves of Dtangle, which provides the catering industry with up-to-date advice on compliance with food service legislation.

“This is a very fast moving area and products which were seen as a good alternative to single-use plastics may be banned in the future,” said Stephen Hoey, ceo of The IG Group.

“We have taken on board the many requirements of our clients and can now offer solutions for every kind of catering outlet.

“What we are offering reflects the changes in eating habits, with more street food and outdoor eating, which means more disposable products which need to be environmentally friendly.”

He said Green Planet offers a “one-stop-shop” across every range, which will continue to grow and be updated.

“It can be a minefield for anyone wanting to be more environmentally aware but who is not sure of what it all means. That’s why, as well as offering enhanced ranges, we will also have the expertise via the new company to advise customers on what is best for their needs.”

The new company is dividing its products into compostable, recyclable and reusable.

Products available will include hot and cold cups, cutlery, tableware made from natural resources such as naturally fallen palm leaves and sugar cane, and replacement options for fast food boxes.

Environmentally friendly pizza boxes and kebab cartons made from an alternative to polystyrene are part of the recyclable ranges, with a selection of plant-based cleaning products also on offer.

Green Planet has even managed to find environmentally-friendly items such as mop buckets and “Danger – wet floor” signs, along with cleaning cloths which can be washed and used up to ten times before being recycled.

“We have spent a great deal of time sourcing a whole range of products which we believe our customers will appreciate because of their desire to be more environmentally friendly,” said Hoey. “And the launch of Green Planet Catering Products means we can be ahead of the game in terms of what we can offer and the expertise we can provide.”