June 24, 2024

Hand sanitiser solutions take flight

Eirtech Aviation Services have selected Foaming Hand Sanitiser from Prolong for onboard hand sanitation solutions inflight.

Eirtech has designed a mounting solution that can hold the Prolong alcohol free Foaming Hand Sanitiser throughout the cabin. The lightweight mount can be located in galleys, bulkheads, lavatories and cockpit. Released with EASA / FAA approved engineering package and aircraft installation kit, the combination is seen as a key part of the hygiene measures airlines need as they restart service.

The Foaming Hand Sanitiser is specially designed with personal protection of crew & passengers in mind: water-based, non-flammable, fast killing a broad spectrum of bacteria, skin friendly and leaving a lasting protective shield up to 8 hours. AMS 1452 and Boeing D6 7127 tested.