May 21, 2024

GUNNA Drinks relaunches lemonade 

GUNNA Drinks has relaunched its lemonade with immune-boosting properties.

The anti-plastic soda brand’s soft drink, Twisted Lemonade, is now called Miss Mojita. It contains lemon, lime, African mint and ginger.

Vitamin C and Zinc have also been added to the sparkling blend to strengthen immunity.

At 66 calories a can, the new inclusion is described as ‘similar in flavour to a Virgin Mojito’ and ‘sweet, sour and warm’. 

Immune-boosting properties are the second most important health benefit on consumer’s lists (after heart health and before gut health), according to research by GUNNA.

Made from real fruit, the 330ml drink is also vegan-friendly and contains no artificial colours or flavours.

GUNNA is double carbon negative, which means it offsets 2g of carbon for every 1g that’s created making its drinks. The soda brand also invests in The Clean Oceans Project every year, picking up tonnes of competitors’ plastic waste from the world’s beaches.