June 19, 2024

Grassland Dairy joins DFMi portfolio

DFMi is now representing Grassland Dairy and its selection of butter products.

Founded in 1904 in Greenwood, Wisconsin, Grassland has made its name in the foodservice industry providing high-quality dairy products to the nation, while remaining a family-owned company.

Amongst its products are the Grassland Salted Whipped Cups, made with fresh, sweet cream resulting in Grade AA butter. With a light and fluffy texture for easy spreading, this butter is packaged in a handy plastic 5g portion cup, maximising convenience and health safety for passengers.

The Grassland Grade AA Salted and Unsalted Continental Chips are foil-wrapped, individual butter portions that it claims exhibits high-end characteristics. The individual packets allow for better portion control, reduce wasted product and allows for health and sanitation safety.