March 3, 2024

Finnair to give old uniforms a ‘new lease of life’

Finnair is to give old crew uniforms a new lease of life by recycling them or turning them into items such as pots, tables and benches.

Under the new initiative, all uniform parts that are in good condition and previously used by ground and cabin crew are being refurbished to be ‘wear-ready’ for the next user. 

Finnair is also working with top-flight Finnish work-clothing manufacturer Image Wear to turn some of their old ground and Cabin Crew uniforms into garden furniture.

Merja Lindberg, Finnair Uniform Manager, said: “Before [uniform] quality begins to diminish, we are able to give them a new lease of life thanks to working in close partnership with famous Finnish work-clothing manufacturer Image Wear.”

“Using their expertise, they can even turn our worn-out uniforms into raw materials which can be used in composite materials which eventually become part of new hard-wearing products, such as tables and benches,” continued Lindberg.

Customers can see a special display of Finnair uniforms from the airline’s last 100 years at Helsinki Airport, as part of its centenary celebrations.