June 24, 2024

Finnair serves new cloudberry dessert wine

Finnair has launched Kultainen, a bespoke wine made from Finnish cloudberries. Starting this month, the dessert wine will be available to Business Class passengers travelling with the airline.  

Kultainen has been launched in partnership with the Ainoa Winery. The award-winning producer is based in Hollola, near Lahti – Finland’s sixth most populous city. The cloudberries are sourced from Lapland. 

“We are extremely excited to be bringing the flavours of Finland to the sky with this new cloudberry dessert wine,” commented Lauri Ahonen, Finnair’s Kitchen Concept and Category Manager. 

The new Nordic dessert wine is made exclusively for Finnair. Drinkers who look at the tasting notes will learn that the cloudberry wine has “pure and intense flavours” and features “hints of honey and citrus marmalade”. 

This bespoke beverage’s name, Kultainen, translates into English as ‘Golden’. That is both the colour of the dessert wine and a cultural reference to the gold rush that Lapland experienced during the 1870s. 

“As we prepare to celebrate our centenary, we want to revisit our Nordic roots and offer our customers a traditionally Finnish experience,” said Ahonen.  

“We know this will be a welcome addition to our onboard menu, complementing our popular blueberry juice and signature cocktail, Northern Blush,” added the Kitchen Concept and Category Manager. 

Kultainen’s producer makes internationally recognised, award-winning wines from berries and other high-quality ingredients from Finnish forests. The Ainoa Winery strives to capture the essence of the berries and the spirit of the land where they grow. 

Business Class passengers can look forward to sipping the cloudberry wine as they cruise above the clouds on Finnair flights.