March 3, 2024

Finnair raises a glass to its centenary with celebratory food and wine menu

To celebrate 100 years of flying, Finnair has launched a special centenary food menu and a collection of new special celebratory wines.

The Finnair 100 menu is now available on long-haul Business Class flights departing from Helsinki until 23 January 2024. 

Passengers can pre-select their main course before their flight and select from a variety of dishes, including the specially created Finnair 100 dish of Reindeer meatballs, mashed potatoes with mustard and port wine sauce.

Juha Stenholm, Head of Product Development at Finnair Kitchen, said: “Finnair is proud to unveil our reinvented classics to mark our centennial milestone. Our reimagined dishes combine traditional favourites and iconic recipes with a modern twist as our chefs deliver contemporary cuisine for our customers.

“They can indulge in familiar flavours elevated to new heights, and celebrate our rich heritage by joining us on this culinary journey – where the past meets the present, creating a remarkable dining experience that honours Finnair’s 100 years of excellence.”

While the Finnair 100 menu mainly focuses enhancements dished up for long-haul Business Class, passengers in other travel classes on flights departing Helsinki can also experience Finnair 100-inspired dishes. 

Representing different time periods and decades in Finnair’s culinary history, the menus combine traditional dishes with today’s more contemporary recipes.

The Business menu includes starters originating from the 1980s and 1990s and main courses from the 1960s and 1970s while the centenary menu desserts, such as Blueberry Pie and Sea Buckthorn Mousse, showcase the diversity and freshness of Finnish food culture, featuring numerous types of berries as a common ingredient.

Main courses include Reindeer Meatballs, Mashed Potatoes with mustard, and Port Wine Sauce and Beef Chuck Roll with Potato Gratin, Chorizo Ragù and Blackcurrant Sauce

Complementing the Finnair 100 menu are new red and white wines which have been curated with international expert and wine consultant Ken Chase.

Finnair’s new Castilla la Mancha White 2022, named ‘Destination North’, features a blend of Airén (85%) and Verdejo (15%) grapes. 

Finnair’s Castilla la Mancha Red 2022, named ‘100,000 islands’ contains a blend of three grapes, Tempranillo (85%), Syrah (10%) and a dash of Cabernet Sauvignon (5%).

In a nod to its heritage, the labels for the new bottles are based on Finnair’s original posters, designed by Erik Bruun in the 1950s and 1960s.

Lauri Ahonen, Finnair Concept & Category Manager, said: “Finding the perfect wine for a Finnair flight for our customers to enjoy at 30,000ft is always a challenge, but even more so during our centenary.

“That’s why we have made the perfect pairing with Ken Chase, who has carefully selected some top flight wines to tantalise the taste buds and we are excited to serve them onboard to ensure a unique experience for Finnair customers.”

Ken Chase, International Wine Consultant, said: “When selecting the wines for this crucial undertaking, we sought after three key elements in the wines prior to the final blend. 

“The first element was seduction, which required the wine to have an enticing aroma that immediately captivates our customers, with a fresh and varietally typical scent being essential. The second element was structure, necessitating a wine with a rich mid-palate that enables flavours to linger throughout the palate, leaving a gratifying aftertaste. 

“The third element was overall balance, which we refer to as the yummy factor. It’s an all-encompassing sensation that leaves one feeling satisfied after indulging in a glass of wine. Each wine must possess all three of these elements before being considered for the final blend.”