May 30, 2024

Crown Airlines reveals crew uniform

Crown Airlines has revealed the uniform for its cabin crew and pilots, in partnership with uniform management supplier, Skypro.

Female crew on the new Libyan airline will sport a rich purple peplum suit jacket with ornate black embroidery paying tribute to Libya’s rich culture. Accessories inspired by Sabratha mosaic patterns include a matching pink and purple silk scarf and purple hat, with the complete uniform reflecting the brand’s strong main colour.

Male crew will wear a uniform of the same colour with the same black embroidery, fastened and accented with a gold button.

“Our happiness is immense when our clients launch a new Skypro Uniform,” said Jorge Pinto, CEO and Chairman of Skypro in a statement on LinkedIn.

“We celebrate the opportunity to care for the comfort and unity of crews, and expressing the client brand through uniforms is an absolute pleasure for the Skypro team.”