July 12, 2024

Creative Nature launches snack onboard Virgin Atlantic

Creative Nature has rolled out an allergen-free snack onboard Virgin Atlantic.

Premium Economy and Business class passengers can enjoy Sizzling BBQ Light and Crispy Thins until April 2024.

The collaboration underscores Creative Nature’s commitment to creating a “diverse and allergen-friendly” offering for air travellers.

Passengers can also opt for the snack brand’s Blueberry Bar, which was incorporated into Virgin Atlantic’s onboard snack area Wonder Wall in 2022. 

Julianna Ponan MBE, CEO of Creative Nature, suffers with severe and complex allergies, as well as anaphylaxis. She has frequently found flying stressful, and believes allergies are often not taken seriously

She said: “We are thrilled to have developed this new product which is delicious and safe for those who have allergies. To be able to introduce it exclusively in partnership with the team at Virgin Atlantic is amazing. We hope all passengers enjoy it!”

Sophie Uys, Inflight Services Food and Beverage Manager at Virgin Atlantic, added: “We’re always looking to create memorable moments onboard through our inclusive food and beverage offering. 

“We are proud of our partnerships with brands such as Creative Nature who pave the way in allergen awareness, whilst providing a tasty range of top 14 allergen-free products. We’re thrilled to feature Creative Nature in our Upper Class and Premium snack ranges.”