April 15, 2024

Carnival Cruise Line unveils immersive ‘Currents’ zone on new ship

Currents, a technology-rich underwater-themed zone spans two decks of Carnival Cruise Line’s new ship, Carnival Jubilee.

Activations developed specifically for Currents showcase the thrill of discovery and include Seaquest: A Fun Sub Adventure, which transforms the area’s promenade into an immersive experience for guests. Seaquest combines the technology built into the zone, including six LED portals to the sea flanking the promenade, a 100-foot-long wave-like LED ceiling overhead, lighting, music and sound effects to give guests the feeling they’re journeying on the world’s first fun sub. The submarine-like experience takes guests on an underwater excursion. ​

“Seaquest is a truly first-of-its-kind experience that brings together the real and fantastical to create an exciting onboard excursion. As they adventure through the world created for Seaquest, guests will see the Carnival Seacation resort, explore a neon glowing grotto, encounter a giant jellyfish school, navigate among cosmic whale sharks and journey to the kingdom of The Golden Mermaid, which helps tell the story behind one of the unique new venues created for Carnival Jubilee,” said Glenn Aprile, Senior Director of Brand Experience and Product Development at Carnival Cruise Line.

Other zone-wide activations include Change the Currents, which allows guests to transform the zone into six different underwater worlds. Each environment changes the entire ambience of the zone, including the colours guests see and the sounds they hear. All are inspired by nature. For children and kids at heart, Create A Fish allows everyone to add their own whimsy to their environment by designing a unique sea creature and watching it come to life on the screens.

During evenings, the Currents zone will show guests otherworldly destinations as they enjoy a drink at Dr Inks, Ph.D or dinner at Emeril’s Bistro 717. Each night of the cruise will showcase different themes.

The zone will also feature Soundwaves Jukebox, a music-activated visualiser that brings songs chosen by guests to life through exciting visuals and a colourful light display.

Tracking Carnival Cruise Line ships

Additionally, guests will find Currents Atlas, an interactive map displaying real-time locations of all Carnival ships, along with fun facts about sea creatures and their migratory patterns around the world, as well as other interesting oceanic and geographical details.

The technological capabilities incorporated into the design of the Currents zone complement other elements of its theming, such as the drinks curated to embody the quirky personality of Dr Inks. The Golden Mermaid takes on a more elevated persona, with a live band entertaining guests in the lounge where bartenders serve craft cocktails inspired by precious gemstones and metals.