May 22, 2024

Volaris partners local community for masks

Mexican low-cost carrier Volaris has partnered with women from Sinibi Jipe social enterprise to produce face masks for its passengers.

The enterprise is part of the Raramuri community and was established in Chihuahua (an important market for the airline) to create wellness and development opportunities for women in Sierra Tarahumara, making clothing and handicrafts using traditional colours and patterns.

Holger Blankenstein, commercial and operations vp at Volaris said: “This partnership allows us to provide our customers with an essential protective item in the context of the pandemic, and also to assist in the development of a community facing tough challenges in Mexico.”

Every face mask includes the name and photo of the woman who made it. Their designs are inspired by elements important to their culture including symbols and figures inspired by nature in brilliant contrasting colours, as also used in their clothing.

As part of the alliance, Volaris will also carry the women from Chihuahua to Mexico City to watch the Mexico City. The Raramuri have a reputation as exceptional long-distance runners, having shone in some of the world’s most important marathons and ultra-marathons. To support the journey Volaris has adapted its biosecurity protocol to the Raramuri language, making it the first airline in Mexico to have their COVID-19 security measures available in an indigenous language.