July 21, 2024

Spafax reveals IFE trends for 2024

Spafax has published a thought-leadership piece outlining the inflight entertainment (IFE) advertising trends anticipated for 2024.

All-in-one IFEC, which was an integral part of the 2023 APEX FTE conferences in Singapore, is expected to gain momentum among larger legacy carriers. This concept focuses on unified hardware, software, content and revenue-generating solutions.

The report also notes a trend for streaming content and enhanced satellite connectivity onboard. Advertisements incorporated into streaming content are on the agenda, with options such as pre-rolls or product placements. Enhanced connectivity opens avenues for targeted advertising through onboard Wi-Fi interfaces and airline apps. 

Another top priority for 2024 is programmatic advertising. Spafax’s new AdConnect platform was designed to tap into this trend by enabling agencies and advertisers to purchase digital ad inventory directly from airlines.

Advertising is also set to become more personalised, with tailor-made content for passengers’ individual tastes. This is followed by in-app advertising — with a focus on engaging, interactive experiences — and generative AI models, which are set to make their way into programmatic advertising such as IFE.

One of the most prominent trends of 2023 was a shift in brand strategies, with brands creating content specifically for onboard use. According to Spafax, we can expect the trend to continue in 2024.