July 21, 2024

Southwest Airlines reveals details of 2025 cabin upgrades

Southwest Airlines has announced a range of enhancements, including a cabin redesign, new RECARO seats and a uniform refresh. The changes will be rolled out in 2025. 

The airline has partnered with transport design company Tangerine to redesign its cabin interior. Design features include deep blue tones and sky-blue accents, with the Southwest Heart woven through the carpet. 

New seats from aircraft supplier RECARO will debut early next year, with multi-adjustable headrest cushions for elevated head and neck support. Each seat will feature a personal electronic device holder, with the Southwest Heart threaded throughout the interior and debossed on seat headrests. 

Tony Roach, Senior Vice President and Chief Customer Officer at Southwest Airlines, said: “Our redesigned cabin interior significantly enhances our inflight passenger experience and will complement the amazing service that our crews provide.”

Matt Round, Chief Creative Officer at Tangerine, added: “We’ve listened to Southwest’s passengers and employees and responded by creating a distinctive new cabin interior that meets and exceeds their desires.”

In addition to the cabin enhancements, a refreshed uniform is currently being crafted by a Uniform Inspiration Team made up of 75 Southwest employees, apparel vendor Design Collective by Cintas and uniform brand consultant and fashion stylist Bonnie Markel.

In recent years Southwest Airlines has also upgraded its wi-fi equipment and launched new self-serve functionalities for its digital platforms and airport kiosks.

Onboard power ports and larger overhead bins will be added to existing Boeing 737 Max 8 and -800 aircraft over the next several years.