March 3, 2024

New uniform accessories for Eurostar 

Eurostar has rolled out new uniform accessories to showcase its fresh brand identity. 

Staff will now wear ‘contemporary’ ties and neckerchiefs in navy or plum, accented by the rail service’s new logo.

The move follows last year’s merger of Eurostar and Thalys, followed by the launch of a new identity, website, app and loyalty programme.

Designed to be unisex, the pieces will “harmonize the uniform style” of 2,100 staff members, enhancing their “visibility across all stations”. The accessories will also align with the slogan Together we go further.

A series of workshops were conducted over several months, in which 80 Eurostar ambassadors in Brussels, Paris, Lille, Amsterdam, Rotterdam and London shared their preferences on colour schemes and designs. 

Navy blue and plum were selected, complemented by ‘The Spark’, a “key element of the fresh Eurostar identity and logo”.

To minimise the rail service’s carbon footprint, the neckerchiefs were crafted in France, while the ties were produced in Italy. 

Eurostar has also donated old scarves to a fashion school in London for students to recycle into new outfits.

Plans to roll out joint uniforms are slated for 2025.