March 3, 2024

Linstol introduces ‘Super Cool’ paper cup

Linstol has rolled out a sustainable paper cup for the airline sector. The Super Cool Cup is designed for cold beverages, including alcohol. 

Made from paper, it uses patent-pending mineralised barrier coating technology from materials engineering company Smart Planet Technologies.

Linstol’s latest iteration follows the original, patent-protected Super Cup for hot beverages.

Comprised of 40% less plastic compared to conventional paper cups, the Super Cool Cup is biobased and compostable. It also offers an extended alcohol compatibility, is conveniently stackable and universally recyclable in existing paper recycling systems. 

Linstol is dedicated to creating “a more sustainable cabin service experience” by replacing traditional plastic cups with paper-based alternatives.

Mark Russell, CEO of Linstol, said: “We are proud to partner with Smart Planet Technologies to unlock the potential of sustainable innovation in air travel. The Super Cup brought the most sustainable approach for the coffee cup. 

“Now with the patent-pending coating technology to serve alcoholic drinks in paper cups, the entire cold beverage service can be moved from 100% plastic to a recyclable, compostable and biobased paper cup. We are reaching new goals for what it means to provide responsible, comfortable journeys for passengers and a cleaner future for our skies.”