September 23, 2023

ABC International delivers ITA Airways cabin branding

ABC International has delivered the cabin branding to ITA Airways, the network air carrier wholly owned by the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance. ITA Airways superseded Alitalia as the Italian national airline in October 2021.

The cabin branding project began early in 2023. The ITA Airways crests that will be placed on the Italian national airline’s new A319, A320 and A330 aircraft.

Aviation Business Consultant International, which is based in Naples, Italy, has contributed to the outfitting of the interiors of the new A319, A320 and A330 of ITA Airways by designing, certifying and manufacturing the logos for their cabins. Over the past two years, the company has delivered over 250 projects to major airlines and lessors.

The project follows on from a previous collaboration with Italy’s former national airline, Alitalia, for which ABC International produced branding logos for the entire fleet.

The ITA Airways logo was designed by Landor & Fitch, the same design house that designed Alitalia branding in 1969. It was made suitable for flight operations through adjustments to meet airworthiness requirements in compliance with related certifications.

The ITA Airways crest developed in partnership with ABC International.
The ITA Airways crest developed in partnership with ABC International.

“To make the logo airworthy, we conceived the lettering without affecting the original design and coloured the metal lettering through an anodizing process. Thanks to the optimal synergy between our technical office and the customer, we were able to bring forward the delivery date to the satisfaction of the airline,” said Olindo Spatola, Vice President of Engineering and Head of Design Organization at ABC International.

The logos have been installed and are already flying on 41 ITA Airways aircraft. There are 33 logos on ITA Airways’ eleven A319s, 33 logos on the airline’s eleven A320s, 24 logos on eight A320 neos, 42 logos on seven A330 – 200 and 12 logos on four A330 – 900 neo.

The airline plans to install the remaining branding elements over the coming months.

Special liveries

ABC International and its strategic partner Skubin Design designed and implemented two special liveries for ITA Airways. They were linked to nationally significant events in Italy. One relates to Rome’s bid for the World Expo 2030, which the airline is supporting through the Roma Italia Expo 2030 decal on an A320. There is another decal celebrating the centenary of the Italian Air Force on an A320 Neo aircraft.

Italian identity is an important topic, says Rodolfo Baldascino, Chief Commercial Officer at ABC International: “After working on projects all over the world, as an Italian company we are proud of working with ITA Airways. We are convinced that this cooperation will allow both companies to reach new goals and promote Made in Italy within the aviation industry.” /