April 17, 2024

FORMIA’s kit gets onboard

Qatar Airways has introduced FORMIA’s new Clean Kit range as part of its enhanced safety measures.

All passengers travelling with Qatar Airways will receive a disposable face mask, large disposable powder-free gloves, and an alcohol-based hand sanitiser gel.

The bespoke Qatar Airways’ ‘Protective Kit’ has been tailored to meet the airline’s passengers’ requirements. The products are also available as own-branded or in collaboration with a choice of trusted brands in the FORMIA’s portfolio.

The full Clean Kit range has been developed with quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and sanitiser products which comply with international safety standards and regulations to ensure passengers are protected throughout their journey. The kits have been consciously designed to offer both peace of mind and practical solutions that put the health, safety and wellbeing of Qatar Airways’ customers first.

Philipp Wendschuh, FORMIA’s chief commercial officer, said: “As we watch the world continue its recovery efforts, we at FORMIA are endeavouring to spearhead the road to change within the travel industry. We understand that the needs of airline passengers have changed, and so our focus is to deliver relevant and timely solutions that will answer those needs. We are pleased to now add Qatar Airways to the list of airline partners we are collaborating with to bring added value and quality, tailor-made solutions to passengers.”