June 19, 2024

FORMIA focuses on a sustainable future

FORMIA is taking a holistic approach to sustainability, transforming its business operations, from the raw materials and conscious design it uses, to new partnerships, altered distribution processes and a focus on end-of-life considerations.

It has entered a new long-term partnership with REBEL, experts in quantifying environmental impact, to drive a cut in its carbon footprint using data-based insights. It is working towards becoming a net-zero carbon company that offers net-zero carbon amenities. Net-zero means cutting emissions where possible and off-setting any that are unavoidable.

The company is currently in the first phase of data collection and analytical quantification of its CO2 impact and once the full footprint is understood, it will set targets based on the Science Based Target Initiative (SBTI) to reduce the impact throughout its supply chain as well as internally, collaborating with partners and suppliers to cut impacts.

To measure the impact of amenity kits created, it will calculate the environmental footprint throughout the entire lifecycle of the kit, starting from raw material extraction through to post-use and / or recyclability of unused kits. The goal is to reduce the environmental footprint in terms of CO2-emissions, water use, waste, energy use and chemical use of the kits, while also extending

product lifespan, defining more circular processes to prevent kits being incinerated or ending up in land-fill.

FORMIA sees itself as an intrinsic part of an airline’s value chain as the industry itself seeks to cut its environmental impact. A spokesman said: “Our products play a key role in the passengers’ inflight experience, offering a moment of delight and comfort. As such, we hold ourselves fully accountable for the role they play not only towards our own sustainability ambitions, but to our airline customers’ ambitions as well.”

The Life Cycle Analysis will be completed in Q4 2021, including a third party review of the findings. Then, FORMIA plans to regularly analyse new types of materials and concepts to be at the forefront of the latest sustainable developments and to improve its own commitment to sustainability.