June 18, 2024

FlightPath3D reaches 5,000 aircraft mark

Inflight map platform FlightPath3D is celebrating 5,000 aircraft installations across more than 80 airlines. 

A Virgin Atlantic A350 named Wendy Darling was its 5,000th activation.

The map’s features include detailed flight tracking and augmented reality views to foster an “immersive experience”. 

Passenger insights around usage and interests offer airlines the ability to simulate future flight demand, while integrated advertising opens new revenue streams.

FlightPath3D has also launched Destination Guide, a video-based travel guide with “accessible and fun” saveable and shareable features.

Duncan Jackson, President of FlightPath3D, said: “Surpassing 5,000 aircraft installations marks a significant milestone and confirms the universal appeal of our platform.

“With FlightPath3D, airlines can deploy advanced inflight map solutions on any device to increase passenger engagement while driving revenue.”

Nathan Bolt, Head of Digital Product and Journeys at Virgin Atlantic, added: “Our partnership with FlightPath3D keeps our passengers both informed and engaged. 

“The seamless updates and synchronisation of the map across multiple IFE providers ensure our passenger experience remains consistent across our fleet now and as it continues to grow.”