March 3, 2024

Eurostar collaboration with London’s Two Tribes Brewery

Eurostar, the high-speed rail service linking the UK to mainland Europe, launched an exclusive pale ale onboard its services from June 15. Two Tribes Brewery, based at King’s Cross in London, brews the beer, called NOMAD.

Brewed exclusively for Eurostar, NOMAD uses British and European ingredients plus sustainable brewing methods to create what is described as “a bright and easy-going beer reminiscent of sunny European summers”.

Two Tribes Brewery

Founded in 2017 by people who were at the heart of London’s 90s club-culture movement, Two Tribes Brewery is located near Eurostar’s London terminus, St Pancras International.

The NOMAD by Eurostar pale ale was named in honour of those who travel seeking adventures in Eurostar’s city destinations, including London, Paris, Lille, Brussels, Rotterdam and Amsterdam.

The new 4.5% alcohol by volume beer has been made using UK, Belgian and German malts, which provide a smooth caramel and toffee backbone to the beer complimented with hoppy hints of citrus fruit such as grapefruit and orange peel.

NOMAD’s ingredients include the British heritage malt Maris Otter, caramel malts along with a special malt from Belgium called Chateau Biscuit, giving an element of breadiness to the beer. Mandarina Bavaria hops from Germany contribute citrus notes for a refreshing summer taste.

NOMAD by Eurostar cans

Designed by Two Tribes, the can celebrates famous landmarks across all of Eurostar’s destinations. These include London St Pancras’ clock tower, the Atomium in Brussels, tulips and bicycles in Amsterdam, Rodin’s Thinker statue in Paris and Eurostar’s train.

“It was very exciting to collaborate with Two Tribes to develop and design the most sustainable and locally sourced pale ale exclusively for our customers. We are very proud of Nomad by Eurostar with its amazing European flavours that can be slowly enjoyed onboard alongside the array of other sustainable foods, drinks and snacks we offer on all our classes of service,” said Andrew Robinson, Head of On Board Services at Eurostar.

“We’ve embarked on an incredible journey with Eurostar over the past half-year, and we are thrilled to further strengthen our partnership by brewing an exclusive pale ale using the finest British and European ingredients. Two Tribes and Eurostar share the belief that travel holds the key to creative discovery and good times. It is this shared ethos that has fuelled our collaboration, resulting in a truly exceptional beer crafted exclusively for Eurostar’s discerning onboard customers,” commented Justin Deighton, Founder of Two Tribes.

NOMAD will be exclusively available for customers in 330ml cans on all routes in Business Premier, Standard Premier, Café Metropole as well as London’s Business Premier lounge.;