February 29, 2024

Bringing the circular economy to amenity kits

In a move that enhances sustainability in the airline industry, deSter has signed an exclusive agreement with agood company, a Swedish brand committed to circularity and environmental responsibility.

The collaboration aims to introduce a new era of eco-friendly amenity kits for airline passengers, focusing on transparency and sustainability.

The collaboration with agood company goes beyond merely widening deSter’s portfolio. According to Angie Fung, Senior Category Director Amenities and Sleepwear at deSter, sustainability is a crucial factor and agood company offers a unique concept that sets it apart.

agood company designs its products with circularity in mind, ensuring that they are not only environmentally responsible but also traceable. Each product comes with a QR code providing information about its origin, production methods and its ultimate destination, encouraging passengers to make informed choices regarding their environmental impact during air travel. This level of transparency aligns with deSter’s values and goals, making the partnership a natural fit.

As part of the collaboration, deSter will incorporate agood company’s products into amenity kits for airline customers. The initial product lineup includes pouches, socks, eye shades and dental kits. There is potential to include pens and notepads in the future.

Dental kits from agood company are part of deSter's commitment to bring the circular economy to amenity kits.
Dental kits from agood company are part of deSter’s commitment to bring the circular economy to amenity kits.

Anders Ankarlid, Founder of agood company, expressed excitement about the collaboration: “agood company is thrilled to join forces with deSter in making the airline industry more circular. For the past five years, our sole mission has been about challenging the unsustainable practice of mindless consumption and linear production, and instead adopting a more mindful and circular approach to everyday products. Looking ahead to the next five years, we hope to have a significant impact on the amenity bag industry and inspire airlines to push the envelope towards a more sustainable future.”

The exclusive agreement between deSter and agood company marks a step toward a more sustainable future for the airline industry. By introducing circular and traceable products into its amenity kits, deSter is demonstrating its commitment to aligning with brands that share its values and goals, particularly regarding sustainability and passenger well-being.

This partnership is a signal that the airline industry is actively working to reduce its environmental footprint while enhancing the passenger experience.

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