April 15, 2024

Art meets canned wine

The Canned Wine Company has released three new canned wines with limited edition labels in an exclusive deal with The National Gallery in London.

Three new cans feature artwork from Vincent van Gogh, Paulus Theodorus van Brussel, and Paul Gaugin.

“We’re proud to announce our new collaboration with National Gallery in London to showcase some of art’s great masterpieces on our wine labels,” said Simon Rollings, co-founder of Canned Wine Company. “Part of the proceeds from our National Gallery Editions go towards supporting the gallery, helping to maintain and continue free access to paintings.”

The art has been wrapped around a portfolio’s Grüner Veltliner, Grenache Rosé and Old Vine Garnacha wines.

“Our wines are sourced from some of Europe’s finest winemakers with a focus on quality,” said Canned Wine Co.’s head wine buyer Ben Franks. “We have worked with our winemakers to make the wines ready for the canned format, with maturation in tank or barrel prior to canning so they taste at their best. Given the legendary status of the artists we’ve secured for the cans, we made sure the finest wine is canned inside.”